BeeSweet Honey is honored to be one of just 60 Texas beekeepers selected to participate in the HONEY Pathway program at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
Led by Dr. Ferhat Ozturk, the research program is exploring the medicinal properties of honey and its potential applications in healthcare. One of the primary focuses of the research is on the antibacterial properties of honey and how it can be used in medical treatments to improve patient outcomes.
I met Dr. Ozturk at the 2023 Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA) Summer Clinic where he was presenting a session on Medicinal Use of Honeybee Products. After the presentation, we chatted, and I asked if could contact him. Fast-forward several months, and we were sending a sample of our honey to UTSA for scientific analysis.
We are extremely honored to be contributing to this important research and look forward to sharing our journey on the HONEY Pathway with our fans.

Ferhat Ozturk, Ph.D.

An assistant professor in the UTSA College of Sciences’ Department of Integrative Biology, Dr. Ozturk is studying the antibacterial properties of honey samples from 60 Texas beekeepers, including BeeSweet Honey.

Dr. Ozturk believes that honey can play a major role in fighting “superbugs,” or strains of bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics. He hopes that his research will lead to greater protections for honeybees, which some scientists have called “the most important species on earth” for their ability to pollinate.