The partnership that almost wasn't. As a member of the Metro Beekeepers Association I see requests from time-to-time on Facebook. This day I noticed a comment from Melissa from Lakewood Brewing. She was looking for some honey for a concept beer she wanted to create. I hadn't heard of Lakewood Brewing but It sounded very interesting and a very cool opportunity so I immediately reach out to her.

After a wonderful conversation on the phone she suggested that I come to the Brewery to meet with the team and talk with Wim (President and Founder) about their desire to partner with a local beekeeper that could provide them honey. During the meeting they agreed to purchase the honey and we were off the races, or in this case, the brew master.

For the Bees was release on May 13. Being a micro brew, it was released exclusively in their taproom. The beer sold out in about three weeks.


🐝 BeeSweet Honey + Lakewood Brewing 🐝

Melissa at Lakewood was instrumental in making the partnership a reality. Her passion for the bee's was amazing and understood to achieve the quality of the beer she imagined, she needed to start with excellent ingredients. 🍯