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BeeSweet Honey
Geoff O. (Dallas, US)
Amazing on salmon and with biscuits

We just received our first jar of BeeSweet honey and we love it. We make salmon at least twice a week, and BeeSweet makes a delicious honey glaze that is sweet but not overly so. We also make a weekly Chick-fil-a breakfast run and it’s an also amazing complement to the chicken and biscuit there. Can’t wait to get our hands on some sopapillas to try BeeSweet on those as well.

BeeSweet Honey
William S (Fort Worth, US)

Best honey I have every tasted! I love the glass bottle and I use it everyday in my morning coffee.

William, thank you for your support! Yes, honey in your moring coffee makes the whole day sweeter. ;)

BeeSweet Honey
Anne Adoue (Dallas, US)
Thank you!

A local, family owned company with such a humble and endearing start up, we couldn't be more pleased! With the bees harvesting off of the local and native habitat that we are apart of makes the honey that much sweeter, pun intended. I was blown away by the compostable mushroom packaging.... You have stolen my big GREEN heart! Thank you!

Thank you Anne for your support and taking the time to leave us this review. As natural beekeepers (no pesticides, no Apivar strips, no oxalic acid treatments) we take our caretaking actions very seriously. We strive to leave everyone and everything better than we found them.

BeeSweet Honey
Esther Spickler (Southlake, US)
Always, glass beats plastic!

Most people would overlook a pretty presentation when there is a significant price difference. When you get local premium tasting honey in a beautifully adorned glass jar that is at the current market rate you can't miss an opportunity to purchase BeeSweet Honey. Not only is this local honey absolutely delicious, it's better for the environment.

Esther, thank you for your support and the kind words. We agree with you, with glass you'll never worry about the possibilty of your contianer oxidizing your honey. Since honey is acidic, we think glass is safer for honey storage than plastic. Also, only about 5% to 6% of plastics are being recycled each year, whereas 80% of glass is recovered for recycling.

BeeSweet Honey
Eric Anderson (North Richland Hills, US)
Amazing Honey

This honey is like no other I’ve tried and makes me question what I’ve been consuming from the store. The rich and complex flavor is like a fine wine. We make fresh sourdough bread to complement this rich honey. Enjoy!

Eric, thank you for the review and for standing up to shady honey swindlers by purchasing from local Beekeepers!

BeeSweet Honey
Thomas Ratliff (Houston, US)
Thick And Sweet

My pulmonologist suggested consuming honay a few years ago. I have severe COPD and honey helps in a few ways. I say this because, I have tried several different brands of honey. Some not even real honey, most were. Finally, I found this local BeeSweet supplier, and tried it. I ordered a quart the first time. I'm hoping it will last a couple of months. Anyway, the first time I added a little into my green tea, boom. I could clearly taste the difference between BeeSweet and anothere local honey. BeeSweet is thicker, a higher viscosity, and sweeter than most. I will be back before this quart is consimed. Love my BeeSweet Honey!!

Thomas, thank you for your support and kind words. We're so appreciative when our customers take the time to provide reviews. Please let us know if you need anything at anytime.

BeeSweet Honey
Chris Lehner (Dallas, US)
Couldn’t Bee More Happy🐝

Sweet bee honey has quickly become our family favorite. I like the customer service. My wife likes to cute jars and labels and my kids, they gobble up the honey. We use it in place of sugar on many things including cereal, much more healthy. Like I said, I couldn’t Bee more happy! Sorry for the Dad humor. I couldn’t resist, it’s just that I’m buzzing with excitement.

Chris, thank you so much for your support and taking the time to leave this review. We're happy that our honey creates a buzz with your family.

BeeSweet Honey
John Brooks (Dallas, US)
Personal Service Level

We ordered a quart of honey in mid December, and by mid January we had not received it. The owner, without any prodding from us, sent us a text and an apology for having misplaced our order and asked when he could hand-deliver it to our home. We did not expect that offer and were glad it was made. And, we love the product!

John, thank you for purchasing our honey and extending grace when we missed something. It's sweeter than honey to our mouth.

BeeSweet Honey
B.H. (Houston, US)

My family and I have been using BeeSweet for years now. I like to eat it with toast. We like to mix it with warm water for sure though. I have given BeeSweet to coworkers and friends.

Thank u BeeSweet

Bobby, we're so thankful for the continued support.


By far the best honey I have ever had! I couldnt stop myself from opening the jar for a taste sample!!

BeeSweet Honey
Eddie Johnson (Waxahachie, US)
Great Honey

Some of the best and purest honey I have had. My wife had to take the jar away from me to stop sampling it. Highly recommend!

Thank you Eddie for the review. We're ecstatic that you like our honey but don't get in trouble with your honey. ;)

BeeSweet Honey
Jonathan Rice (Grapevine, US)
The Ultimate State of Sweetness

I tried Bee Sweet honey and loved it. Super great flavor. Perfect on my morning toast and in my hot tea.

Jonathan, thank you so much for the support and kind words.

BeeSweet Honey
Nhung L (Keller, US)
Un-Bee-Lievable :)

So glad to have met the Morrow family. They are all just as sweet if not more, than the honey! :) I love that I can purchase and support a local business. Something that stuck with me, is knowing that the honey goes straight from the bee... to your mouth (or jar). No additives. I love using the honey in my tea, oats, and waffles. I've had jars come with a little charm and it would make for a great Bee-day gift :) Thank you so much for the great customer service every single time!

Kristy, thank you for the kind words. We really appreciate all the support you've given us and spreading the word around the office. We are continually blessed by our new friends.

BeeSweet Honey
Rachel Farmer (Keller, US)
Perfectly Sweet!

I have had the pleasure to meet the Morrow family and buy their honey directly from them. Their family is so sweet and the honey has the purest taste. It's honestly the most natural tasting that it feels like I'm eating a honeysuckle. It's purely amazing and helps when I feel my allergies starting to act up every season. I recommend Bee Sweet to everyone! Thanks Morrow family! 🐝

BeeSweet Honey
Zak Hardage (Albuquerque, US)
Enlightened monk bees that spend their days in quiet reflection and refinement

I wouldn't buy this honey before I paid my rent or utilities, but I would get it before paying for Netflix or taxes. Good honey is special. And this is good honey. This honey has me euphoric, walking around in a red t-shirt.

BeeSweet Honey
Gary Logan (Fort Worth, US)
Uber delicious, fresh & healthy

Heard the latest buzz? Bee Sweet Honey is the best you’ll find. Locally sourced deliciousness in a jar. I just drizzled it on my strawberries & toast & enjoyed with my morning tea. I’m in my happy place now.

Gary, we are buzzing with joy after reading your review. Thank you!

BeeSweet Honey
L.M. (Justin, US)
Best honey for so many reasons!

I always take this honey when I’m feeling like I could be getting I’ll. It soothes my throat so well, and it tastes great on my oatmeal and in my tea. So grateful to have real honey in my life!

Leda, we're excited to hear that you're using it for medicinal purposes as well.

We will be submitting our honey to UTSA (The University of Texas at San Antonio) to have them complete medicinal biological level analysis. Once we receive it, we'll be posting the findings here.

BeeSweet Honey
Beverly Ramon (Fort Worth, US)
Amazingly delicious

I love buying local raw honey already. I know the Morrows & they are just honestly great people. Supporting local businesses is great but especially when you personally know the family it helps! Plus, let’s be honest, I am helping myself too! The honey is DELICIOUS! The entire family enjoys it so much I have to buy it in bulk as much as possible. My daughter makes jewelry out of the adorable bee charm on the jar. I make medicinal honey with it as well. I use raw garlic cloves to fight infections & raw onions for cough in this honey. The kids don’t know the difference & I trust the product. It’s delicious with whiskey too, adults only 😉 Win win for all. A huge thanks to the Morrow family for all your hard work & sharing your wonderful honey with us ❤️