Nucleus Colonies


What is a nucleus colony?
This is a small colony of worker honeybees and their queen. We use good quality Italian honeybees for our nucs as they are best adapted to our North Texas climate. It contains a total of 5 deep frames.  3 of those will have bees and brood (baby bees) on them. 1 will have food stores such as honey and pollen. The last frame is normally a new or drawn frame that is empty of bees and food. All of this is contained in a temporary plastic transport box.

Nucs are $250
There is a deposit of $150 for each nuc to be purchased with the balance ($100 each) due at pickup (cash or credit card). There is a $5 per nuc fee for online orders to cover credit card fees.

You will receive a confirmation email after your order.

You will be notified when your nuc is ready to be picked-up. You will receive updates via email and our Facebook page.  Please make sure our email is not being sent to the spam folder.

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